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    A&B Masters and Sabores Dominicanos Foundation Announce the Dominican Gastronomic Forum, to Be Held on February 20 - 21
    A&B Masters and Sabores Dominicanos Foundation Announce the Dominican Gastronomic Forum, to Be Held on February 20 - 21

    A&B Masters and Sabores Dominicanos Foundation Announce the Dominican Gastronomic Forum, to Be Held on February 20 - 21
    Santo Domingo, February 17th, 2015

    Representatives of the A&B Masters School of Food and Beverages and Sabores Dominicanos Foundation announced the details of the first Dominican Gastronomic Forum 2015, to be held on Friday, February 20, and Saturday, February 21, at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

    Juan Febles, the event’s organizing chairman, told national press representatives, friends and other interested parties who attended the cocktail party, which was held at the El Higüero Restaurant, that for the first time in the country national and international speakers will gather to address topics related to the origins, influences, the current situation and prospects of the Dominican Republic’s gastronomy.

    "The goal we seek to achieve with the celebration of this prominent Dominican Gastronomic Forum 2015 is to contribute to the appreciation, rescue and dissemination of the Dominican culinary heritage at the national and international levels, and thus to strengthen the culinary identity as a fundamental part of our cultural heritage, which we must present with pride to those visiting our country, as a distinguishing feature of tourism," said Febles, President of the A&B Masters School of Food and Beverages. Accompanied by Ms. Benedicta María Pérez and Ms. Elizabeth Rodríguez, who are also organizers of the Forum, and Mr. Luis Marino López, President of the Sabores Dominicanos Foundation, Febles explained that the goal of this event is to establish a clear definition of the profile of the Dominican cuisine, and to specify the parameters that must be met or the features that a dish must have in order to be called Dominican.

    In addition, he added, what we seek is to promote the inclusion of Dominican dishes that are presented well in the menus of restaurants in Santo Domingo and in the rest of the country, to establish the standard recipes of the main Dominican dishes, to create awareness among restaurateurs of their social role and the importance of disseminating, with pride, the Dominican cuisine in the current context of profound social and cultural evolution. Moreover, Febles said that the Gastronomic Forum seeks to strengthen the knowledge of the kitchen staff at hotels and restaurants in order to produce superior quality traditional dishes from the various regions of the Dominican Republic and to encourage the consumption of domestic products as a way of supporting farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and national agribusiness, among others, in an unconditional manner, to help promote a more rational and sustainable exploitation of the natural environment. At the cocktail party, in which those present were served a delicious menu, they were able to socialize in an atmosphere full of fellowship.

    Febles thanked the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the Dominican Chapter of the Pan American Confederation of Schools of Hotel, Gastronomy and Tourism (CONPEHT) and the other sponsors of the Dominican Gastronomic Forum 2015 for making this activity possible. He also invited those interested in participating in this important event to find more information on the web page of the A&B Master School of Food and Beverages http://forogastronomico.com.do/, or to call (809) 508-1351. The Minister of Culture, José Antonio Rodríguez, will attend the event, and Dr. Antonio Montecinos, Director of the Culinary Hospitality Business Centre (CEGAHO), will offer the presentation: Where Do We Want To Go And How Do We Get There?: Mexico’s Case Study.

    There will be two panels on the origin of Dominican cuisine: cultural meeting and fusion. Indigenous Cuisine and its Contributions to the Current Dominican Cuisine, by Archaeologist and Historian Marcio Veloz Maggiolo; Spanish Inheritance: Colonial Food, by Anthropologist José B. Guerrero; Flavors of Africa and Magical-Religious Food, by UASD’s Director of Culture, Dagoberto Tejeda.

    The second panel is on Dominican and world cuisine. It will be moderated by Chef Jacquelin Henríquez; Influences of the Various Immigrations: the Arabic, Chinese, Cocola, Haitian and Italian Cuisines, with Professor José Oviedo from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). Meanwhile, Luis Felipe Aquino, Dean of Hospitality and Tourism at the APEC University, will speak on Food, Identity and Tourism for a Sustainable and Competitive Development. Chef Leandro, Director of GastroDom / ProDevelopment and Promotion of the Dominican Cuisine Organization, will introduce the topic Gourmet Food Branding as a Strategy for Strengthening National Identity.

    The two-day forum will also include lectures on nutrition in the Dominican cuisine, by Nutritionist and Sommelier, Carmen Cataldi; and other lectures on Gastronomy in the Literature of the City of Santo Domingo 1875-1916, by Museographer and Archaeologist José Gabriel Atiles.

    The third panel will be on Geography and Gastronomy. It will be moderated by Carlos Estrella, from Cosas del País. The latter panel will address issues regarding the Dominican cuisine: agricultural inventory and iconic dishes by region, with the President of Dominican CONPEHT and Professor at O&M University, Bolívar Troncoso. Bernardo Vega, President of the Dominican Republic Academy of History, will address the topic: The Dominican Cuisine within the Caribbean Context: Similarities and Differences. The Forum will conclude with a discussion on the New Dominican Cuisine, by Rosa María Gómez and Mario Núñez, from the Casa Caribe Gastronomic Cultural Center.

    About A&B Masters:
    It is the first Dominican organization in the tourism industry specializing in training, coaching and mentoring of human resources involved in the operation and management of the food and beverages departments at hotels and restaurants.

    Its mission is to teach human resources the skills that the gastronomy sector requires, through innovative training methods that ensure their adaptation to a changing and competitive world. It has highly qualified staff, hands-on labs, teaching aids, equipment, and the latest technology tools, to ensure the competitiveness that these times require.

    It was created to respond to the need for qualified personnel to operate hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the Dominican Republic. This organization was formed in 1999 to advise companies of the tourism sector in the areas of A&B.

    In the year 2000 it was endorsed by the INFOTEP as a Partnership Center (today the System’s Operating Center) and it opened its doors to the public. Its training center became the first Dominican school specializing in the areas of food and beverages that was recognized by that institution.

    Its policy on quality is to continuously improve its human resources training services and its support to companies that offer culinary services, as well as strengthening our quality system to keep us as a competitive and updated institution that meets the demands of our customers.

    It is the only institution of academic training with quality certification from the World Tourism Organization (WTO), and to date it has received several recognitions and awards for quality education, maintaining the leadership in the training of technical personnel, to annually certifying hundreds of new professionals for the hospitality industry.

    About Sabores Dominicanos Foundation
    Sabores Dominicanos Foundation was created with the purpose of sponsoring the appreciation for our legacy of flavors as cultural heritage, and promoting synergy between all actors in the food sector through face to face and virtual activities, with the strategic aim of consolidating the Dominican Republic in the culinary world.

    ALJO Consultores Profesionales
    Rosa Alcántara de Jourdain
    Strategic Communications Consultant
    Office 809-688-4299
    Mobile 809-977-9797

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