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    Fiesta Sunset Jazz Begins its Sixth Jazz Season Up High
    Fiesta Sunset Jazz Begins its Sixth Jazz Season Up High

    Fiesta Sunset Jazz Begins its Sixth Jazz Season Up High
    Santo Domingo, January 27, 2015

    On December 22, 2009, the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino, in partnership with Jazz in Dominicana, created a new concept: the Fiesta Sunset Jazz. The opening of this new space took place with a concert by Franco-Dominican singer Cyrille-Aimée, and renowned pianist Gustavo Rodríguez. Thus, what would become the preferred place for jazz lovers in this city was born.

    The sixth season of the only space that has presented live Jazz every week, without interruption, will begin on January 30. 245 concerts have taken place during the past five years. At the same time, the goal of providing a Good Living atmosphere in an environment of total comfort, high quality and service, with ample parking, security, and, most importantly, with personalized attention, has been met.

    Each week, a large crowd gathers in the cozy lounge with exquisite views to attend the concert being offered by a selection of the best Jazz groups of our country and by international guests. They bear witness to the commitment of the Fiesta Sunset Jazz to disseminate and promote Jazz in the Dominican Republic, as well as being an important conduit for providing support to culture in the country.

    Throughout these first five years, the public has enjoyed all kinds of Jazz, Blues, Bossa and their offspring. There have been enriching moments during the concerts by more than 220 musicians and vocalists from all over our backyard, as well as by guest artists from Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Curacao, Aruba, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Canada and the United States, including several winners and nominees of the American and Latino Grammy's. During these concerts, the public has been able to enjoy original programming that has led to various high-level music offers, and the debut of 16 orchestras and twenty thematic concerts.

    Friday, January 30: Entre Dos Aguas - Molina & Nemr
    The Fiesta Sunset Jazz is proud to open its sixth season with the special event “Entre Dos Aguas - Molina & Nemr”. Dominican percussionist Edgar Molina is well known for weaving music stories through the use of percussion and electronics. Always restless, Edgar seeks to mix Afro-Dominican with Brazilian music and flamenco with rhythms from elsewhere in colorful fusions, in order to raise awareness of the myriad of music and how mixing Jazz elements with other music and dance styles can be achieved. In this case, Tap Dance, which was born from mixing African and European traditional dances, went from being very popular to almost nonexistent and then experienced a great revival, all in less than a century. Dancer Andrew Nemr (Canada, USA) is considered one of the best and most complete and diverse tap dancing artists of today. The star pupil of the great Gregory Hines, Nemr has earned a reputation for his impeccable musicality and sensitivity, and is well respected for the job he so loves. During this poignant, innovative and special presentation, Edgar and Andrew will be accompanied by Álvaro Dinzey on piano and Esar Simó on bass. One evening that will be... simply, tasty!!

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