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    Primer Festival de Cultura Viva en Puerto Plata
    Primer Festival de Cultura Viva en Puerto Plata

    First Cultura Viva Festival in Puerto Plata
    San Felipe de Puerto Plata, July 02, 2014

    The Municipal Unit for Community Heritage (UMPC) of San Felipe of Puerto Plata, the Patronato del Teleférico, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Regional Directorate of the Environment, jointly hosted the first Cultura Viva (Living Culture) Festival last weekend. Over 1,600 people attended the event.

    This event took place in Loma Isabel de Torres and featured a complete and varied program of activities including: workshops and recycling exhibitions, cocktail tastings, artisanal markets, drama therapy, guided eco tours, a percussion show with the “Sí, Se Puede!” group, artistic performances by students from the “Teatro Escuela Iván García”, rallies, carnival performances by the Naitiao tribe, and sporting events such as “Los Reyes de la Montaña”, a hiking and cycling event. Leandro Sánchez and Eugenia Rosario were the two outstanding athletes that won the title of “Los Reyes de la Montaña (The Kings of the Mountain).”

    The Cultura Viva Festival proved to be a new and valuable promotion platform for the various tourist destinations in Puerto Plata, especially in the municipality of San Felipe. This event not only sparked the enthusiasm among the local community and visitors, both national and international, but also among athletes from around the country who came to support the festival and enjoy two days of culture and fun, culminating in a concert by the famous group “Té de Anamú” sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism.

    The organizers of the event emphasized that the objective of this festival was to position San Felipe of Puerto Plata as a cultural city that is active, healthy and inviting, through inclusive cultural activities. With the success of this event, the objectives of this festival were clearly achieved.
    The following institutions also collaborated in this effort: INFOTEP, the Cuesta National Center, Ron Brugal, Saltos de la Damajagua, Bici Shop, Caripack, Musa Visión, Gatorade, Hielo y Agua Internacional, Revista Tá’Tó,   Dominican O&M University, Johan Design, Gráfica, Martínez Impresos, Dominican Scouts, Audio Mess, Paradise Island, Ranger Bike, Cariatides Bamboo  and Runners Adventures.

    About the Municipal Unit for Community Heritage from San Felipe of Puerto Plata: this organization aims to contribute to the development of the community and tourism through inclusive activities. It is made of: the Association of Northern Hotels, Restaurants y Toursim Enterprises - ASHONORTE, Tourism Cluster of the Puerto Plata Destination, Alternative Events, the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Puerto Plata, the Iván García Theatre School, Revista Ta-Tó,, Administración en Red, artisan Carmen Reyes (Casitas Victorianas), and volunteer Ingrid Martinez.

    Following are the winners in the various types and categories of the athletic event “Los Reyes de la Montaña”:

    Pedestrian modality, male open category:
    1st place            Leandro Sanchez
    2nd place           Victor Lagares
    3rd place            Adonis Ventura

    Pedestrian modality, female open category:
    1st place            Yafaly Peña
    2nd place            Marina Folco
    3rd place            Eugenia Rosario

    Pedestrian modality, category father & son:
    1st place            Thomas Ruf
    2nd place            Minnie Loomba
    3rd place            Raquel Vasquez

    Mountain Bike modality, Overall
    1st place            Kelvin Suriel
    2nd place            Richard Diaz
    3rd place            Leandro Sanchez

    Mountain Bike modality, Masters
    1st place            Leandro Sanchez
    2nd place            Leonardo Chevalier
    3rd place            Nicolas Warengburg (Suiss competitor)

    Mountain Bike modality, Sport
    1st place            Jonas Fermin
    2nd place           Joel Nazario
    3rd place            Jonathan Gonzalez

    Mountain Bike modality, female open
    1st place            Eugenia Rosario
    2nd place           Michelle Alvarez
    3rd place            Yafaly Peña

    Los Reyes de la Montaña (The Kings of the Mountain): Leandro Sanchez and Eugenia Rosario


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