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    ADOMPRETUR celebrates 5th Press and Tourism Conference in Puerto Plata.
    ADOMPRETUR celebrates 5th Press and Tourism Conference in Puerto Plata.

    ADOMPRETUR celebrates 5th Press and Tourism Conference in Puerto Plata.
    Puerto Plata, June 9, 2014

    The Director of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Javier Garcia and his endorser in Haiti, Stephanie Balmir Villedroin, will meet at the 5th Press and Tourism Summit of the Dominican Press Association (ADOMPRETUR) to commemorate from the 13th until the 15th of June in Puerto Plata, in an event that will bring together the public authorities, entrepreneurs, journalists and specialists to discuss the opportunities and challenges of placing Costa Nortes as a tourist destination.

    During the press conference this Friday in the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Puerto Plata, the President of ADOMPRETUR, Osvaldo Soriano, said that the conference will be a gathering of journalists with the principal players of national tourism, especially of Puerto Plata, to meet and discuss the problems and challenges of the tourist destination and identify actions that can be taken via social media in order to support the new destination.
    Soriano confirmed that the Department of Tourism would address the main debate of the act’s inauguration that will be celebrated Friday night, in the tower of the project Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort.

    He also informed that Maximo Iglesias, President of the Tourism Development of Puerto Plata and Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, Department of Tourism in Haiti, would be speakers in the event. This gathering is dedicated to Haiti.

    The meetings will take place at Ocean World and will begin at 8:30 am Saturday, with a presentation of the program and an itinerary. The first session will analyze the destination of Puerto Plata as seen by the general public, with expositions from the Department of Tourism, Department of Culture, and Department of Public Affairs, the Specialized Body of Tourism Security (Cestur), the Metropolitan Authority of Transport (AMET), and the Municipal Government of Puerto Plata.
    In the second session, there will be a debate on the destiny of Puerto Plata from the viewpoint of private institutions and will expose the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores); the Association Hotels Playa Dorada, Association of Hotels Restaurants and Tourism Enterprises of the North (Ashonorte); the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Sosua and Cabarete (Ashoresoca) and the Association of Operations of Receptive Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Opetur).

    Later there will be a panel on Cruise ship Tourism with representatives from Carnival Cruise (Puerto Maimon), from the Department of Tourism, from Bahia Cruise Services (Samana) and the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Puerto Plata.

    Afterwards the group Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) will present advances of the initiative ‘Orgullo de Mi Tierra’ (Proud of My Earth) in its Puerto Plata chapter, a project that will launch next October.

    The third session will begin with a panel on the issues of tourism from the viewpoint of the journalists with the participation of Daniel Garcia Archibald, Jose Rafael Sosa, Aridio Perdomo and Anny Mariel Gomez.

    Later there will be a speech by ADOMPRETUR: for a communications policy that will generate major presence of the destination Puerto Plata in the target market, led by journalist Edgar Lantigua, former Secretary General of Adompretur-Puerto Plata.

    Meanwhile a fourth conference will take place. Its main theme; “input from the viewpoint of journalists and mediums of communication”, which will be guided by Osvaldo Soriano, President of Adompretur and Karina Lopez, secretary general of the institution.

    Through a series of dialogue in work tables, three main suggestions for actions by journalists will be identified in order to help the destined location, and another three to improve communication and colaboration of the press with both the private and public tourism sector.

    At the conclusion of the conference, the proposals, conclusions and recommendations that were created along the main themes of the meeting will be presented, finalizing the conference with the Declaration of Puerto Plata.  

    The V Press and Tourism Conference is dependent on the support from the Department of Tourism, the hotel Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, as well as Ocean World, The Association of Hotels of Playa Dorada and other institutions involved in the hospitality industry.

    About Adompretur:

    The Dominican Association of Touristic Press Inc. (ADOMPRETUR) is a professional non-profit institution, made up of journalists and communicators who show interest in the tourism industry. Founded in 1977, it has over 300 journalists in training. There are six subsidiaries based on the tourist destinations of Puerto Plata, Santiago, Higüey, Samana and Bavaro-Punta Cana as well as an American branch headquarters in Miami. ADOMPRETUR tries to integrate and train its members in the knowledge and diffusion of the Dominican tourist activity. It also relies on a Young Chapter (Capitulo Joven), which allocates young journalists in permanent programs of training and recreational activities and also familiarizes them with popular tourist destinations of the country.


    ADOMPRETUR celebrará  V Cumbre Prensa & Turismo en Puerto Plata
    ADOMPRETUR celebrará  V Cumbre Prensa & Turismo en Puerto Plata

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