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    Dominicana On Line - El Portal de la República Dominicana

    Gallery of Photos

    Guerra Civil   Gallery of Pictures from Milvio Pérez - April 1965 Revolution

    The Picture collection of Milvio Perez about the April 1965 Revolcution can be seen on this gallery

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    National Parks

    The National Board for Parkland in the Dominican Republic is the institution responsible for the development, administration, order and care of natural and recreation areas in the country. Its principal objective is to conserve and perpetuate natural inheritance in such a way that it remains unaltered, so that it can be enjoyed by this and future generations.

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    The Maritime face of Santo Domingo. The new towns

    The conquering of America was a result of the expansion of European society, protected by the scientific culture stemming from the Renaissance, and affected by religious splits, although still aware of its role in consolidating the elements of an incipient capitalism. Spain projected the impulse to expel “the Moors” to the new territories, as a consequence of the Crusades, which unified European territories in the name of God (Germany, France and other kingdoms and regions, who became allies of Spain for reasons of faith)

      Dominican Painters

    The cultural legacy of painting in the Dominican Republic expresses visions and sensations, paying homage to the influences of generations of many years of history.

    The painter’s palette becomes an instrument for the protagonists of the art to express their identity from a racial and from a geographical point of view. Two dictatorships, those of Francisco Franco in Spain and Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, were to define what was to precede and follow with the events that shook the artistic communities of the Dominican Republic.

      Typical Dominican characters

    This Virtual Gallery is basically set up to show typical characters often seen everyday on the streets and avenues of Santo Domingo and the rest of the Dominican Republic. From the street sellers selling candy, fruit, vegetables, and imitation jewellery, among other things, we arrive at those who sell balloons in Colón Park in the Colonial Zone, prawns, potatoes and cashew fruit on the Duarte Highroad which connects the capital with the North and all kinds of arts and crafts, as well as works of arts and flowers.

    It is a real journey though the Dominican Republic, and a means to get closer to its people and the many and varied forms through which people in the Dominican Republic earn their daily bread.

      La Romana

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    This province borders the province of El Seibo in the North, in the east the province of La Altagracia, in the south the Caribbean Sea and in the West, the province of San Pedro de Macorís.

    There is a high level of tourism here, especially on the island of Isla Saona.  The most important tourist areas are the towns of La Romana, Altos de Chavón, Catalina Island and Cumayasa.

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    Diaspora, Dominicans in New York

    According to the Population Census for the United States of America in 2000, there are 799,768 Dominican citizens living in the North American Nation, with the state of New York and especially Manhattan being the area with the greatest concentration of Dominican citizens, with around 33.5 percent of the population of the city of New York. Within Manhattan, the overwhelming majority is to be found in the area of Washington Heights/Inwood. In the Bronx, there are large settlements in Morris Heights, Highbridge, University Heights, the Concourse, Fordham, Bedford Park and Marble Hill.

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      Mirador Sur Park

    Between the sphinxes and the paintings by the most highly rated artists in the Dominican Republic, situated close to the Caribbean Coast of Santo Domingo, the Mirador del Sur Park, provides an invitation to discover a unforgettable area. Arts and sports go hand in hand in a way that has been unique to the Dominican capital since the beginning of 2006.

    Barahona   Catalina Island

    Catalina Island acts as an astonishing display of the natural resources that the Dominican Republic has been blessed with. It is an island located on the southeastern cost of the country, covering an area no larger than 15 squared kilometers.

    Cabarete   Cabarete

    Cabarete is a beach town located about 15 minutes to the east of Sosúa, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It is strategically located between a bay and a lagoon, which greatly increases its natural beauty. This town enjoys great popularity at both a national and international level. The atmosphere is a colorful and casual mixture of homegrown folklore, international cultures, extreme sports and adventure tourism.



    Located on the south part of the island, about 200 kilometers from Santo Domingo, the province of Barahona enjoys one of the most impressive vegetations, the most beautiful coasts and, in addition, it is the only place in the country where beaches (many of them untouched) mountains and rivers, form a perfect combination of contrasts.

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