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     Sixth Period of the Dominican Architecture: From 1996 to the present 

      · Characteristics
      · Roads Infrastructure
      · Structures and Constructions
      ·Important works in progress

    The most important structures and constructions of the period

    27 de Febrero Boulevard.- It consists of large open spaces with recreational and artistic venues. It is 640 meters long and 16 meters wide and counts with a modern system of illumination, environmental music, restrooms, gardens, gazebos, kiosks, bars, cafes and four promenades.  A public clock, focal landmark of the boulevard, rises in the longitudinal center. The clock was designed by architect Danny Perez and crafted in iron by artist Jose Ignacio Morales. Throughout the promenade, there are eight sculptures of the best contemporary exponents of the Dominican art.

    UASD (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo) Library and classrooms building. – It counts with frontal and lateral esplanades, a reception area, information, books control, book selection, repairs and binding, microfilm and audio-visual area, deposits, cafeteria, elevators, restrooms, exhibit halls and informal reading area. Three B type building with 10 classrooms were constructed with a single level but designed for four levels for future expansions. The fourth building has two floors, the first level has five classrooms, administration offices, elevators for the physically disabled and stairs. The second floor has six classrooms and restrooms.

    Escuela Diplomatica y Consular or the School of Diplomacy and Consular Affairs.- It is considered the most significant work, in the area of public construction, made by the PLD party administration. The building was erected in an 8,368.50 square kilometers, in the San Jeronimo residence, headquarter of the Chancellery. It has three levels, and its structure is made of reinforced concrete and prefabricated tiles. It is characterized by its majestic and modern design. The first level has a marquee, lobby, assembly hall, technical support room, department of legalizations, inner courtyard, dining room for employees, kitchen, and pantry. The second level houses the office of the Undersecretary of Cultural Affairs, an atrium, and cabins for simultaneous translation equipment. The library, administrative offices, and several classrooms are located on the third level of the building.

    Building of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic. - It was designed for seven floors where administrative offices, conference halls, courts, libraries and other agencies operate. The two institutions share one eight-story building divided in two bodies with separate underground areas for parking, maintenance, and control. The building was designed by architects Gustavo More and Juan Cristóbal Caro. It is located in the Centro de Los Heroes and was constructed between March, 1999 and January, 2005, year in which it was inaugurated.

    Villa Panamericana.- It was constructed for the XIV Pan-American Games and inaugurated in 2003 in a ceremony officiated by the then President of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía. It is located near Parque del Este or Park of the East, in Santo Domingo and consists of 720 apartments, amphitheatre, chapel, nightclub, pharmacy, and areas of competition for each sport discipline with their respective bleachers, cafeteria, VIP and press areas, among other facilities.

    Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao or Cibao International Airport.-  Started in February 2000, it was construction funded with private capital, in opposition to agriculturists and environmentalists. It began to operate in March 2002, and it is located in Liceo al Medio, Santiago.

    Aeropuerto Internacional La Isabela or Isabela International Airport. - It was erected to replace Aeropuerto Internacional de Herrera, or the Herrera International Airport, which due to the growth of Santo Domingo became difficult to reach and nearly buried in the neighborhood of the same name. It is located in the community El Higüero, National District and consists of a building of 5,483 square meters for passengers and one runway of 1,650 meters in length.

    Edificio Acropolis or the Acropolis Building. - This building houses a multipurpose center described by its promoters as the most modern and exclusive of the Caribbean. In it operate the commercial complex Acropolis Center and Citibank Tower. It is located on Winston Churchill Avenue, within the Poligono Central, and consists of 4.5 levels of underground parking with capacity for 900 vehicles, and four commercial levels for more than 100 establishments. The Citibank Tower or the corporate tower, it is 115 meters high, and consists of 16 floors of offices and it is also considered as one of highest of the Caribbean.

    Malecon Center or Levee Center. - The aspect of the levee in Santo Domingo changed as a result of the construction of the Malecon Center, a set of buildings between which two impressive glass towers rise. The complex was designed under the concept of integration and comfort. It houses a 31 story apartment tower, the Hilton Hotel in a 22 level tower, a commercial center and a chapel, among other areas.

    Golf courses. - The tropical climate of the Dominican Republic and the diversity of its terrain make it an ideal place for golf. This, together with the increase in tourism, has produced nearly 30 golf courses, with more under construction. Most of these golf courses are located in touristic areas and have been designed by world renowned firms and architects, such as Jose Gancedo, Charles Ankrom, P.B. Dye, and Robert Trent Jones. Presently, there are two large golf course projects in progress located in the touristic compounds of CAP Cana and Roco Ki, under the direction of Jack Niklaus and Nick Faldo, respectively.


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