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    Sixth Period of the Dominican Architecture: From 1996 to the present

      · Characteristics
      · Roads Infrastructure
      · Structures and Constructions
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    Roads Infrastructure

    • Between 1996 and 2000, one-hundred and four highways were constructed or reconstructed in 23 provinces and the National District, taking into account studies and projections according to which, from 1996 to 2000, circulation had increased from 960,000 units to 1,650,000, that is to say, that added 700,000 vehicles.

    • A floating bridge over the Ozama River was constructed in order to create an expeditious crossing that connected the Avenida del Puerto, near  la Puerta de Don Diego, with the Mirador del Ozama Avenue,  in the Villa Duarte neighborhood. It is about 150 feet wide and it has capacity for six lanes of traffic over the river.

    • One of most important works of road improvement in a long time, the corridor of the 27 de Febrero Avenue, was constructed during this period. The first stage included the creation of tunnels and the boulevard. This stage preceded two East-West the construction of underground spaces or tunnels. The section that goes from Doctor Defilló Street to the Tiradentes Avenue is conceived as the most important one because it consists of a 16 meters wide tunnel that allows the canalization of the central channels under the intersection of the Lincoln and Churchill avenues with ramps of 250 meters each.

    • The second stage of the extension of 27 de Febrero Avenue included the most extensive viaduct of the capital, which has several ramps at the main intersections and allows the user to get on and off at their convenience. The avenue was expanded to 10 lanes. It starts with an access ramp about 200 meters before Leopoldo Navarro Street until it merges with the Juan Pablo Duarte Bridge.

    • The 27 de Febrero Avenue extension project concluded with the construction of the Las Américas Tunnel, that connects the center of the Capital with the Eastern zone.

    • The corridor of the John F. Kennedy Avenue was constructed of reinforced concrete with a metallic frame. The project includes overpasses at the intersections with avenues Churchill, Lope de Vega, Lincoln, Tiradentes and Ortega y Gasset, as well as an underpass near Maximo Gomez Avenue.

    • Four modern toll plazas were constructed on kilometers 25 of the Duarte freeway, 12 of the 6 de Noviembre freeway, 12 of the Sanchez highway and 24 of the Las Américas freeway, respectively. Each one has 10 lanes of circulation, five in each direction, 10 toll collection booths, administration building, police station, medical services and civil defense buildings, snack stand, lavatories and parking lot.

    • A two ramp overpass was constructed at the entrance of Las Americas International Airport.  The first ramp directs traffic from San Pedro de Macorís towards the airport through a 17 sections bridge, and the second, directs traffic, from the airport to Santo Domingo, using left turns. In addition, this project includes the expansion of the new toll plaza.

    • Freeway 30 de Mayo was rehabilitated and expanded from four to six lanes.

    • Taking into consideration the eastern region’s growth in tourism and the increase in the number of vehicles in general, Autovia del Este, or the Eastern Freeway, was constructed. It extends 56 kilometers and it consists of eight traffic distributors.

    • Luperon Avenue was extended, from Independencia Avenue to 30 de Mayo Avenue. Now it has an elevated section, which is 500 meters long, six lanes of circulation, and traffic distributors at the intersections with avenues Independencia and 30 de Mayo and kilometer 12.

    • The works that had began during the former administration of Joaquin Balaguer to expand Duarte Freeway concluded in 1997. Two lanes were added, covering 185 kilometers from Santo Domingo to Santiago, including the variants to Villa Altagracia, with two additional lanes, La Cumbre, with three additional lanes, and Miranda with two. The project included the circuits to Bonao and La Vega, with four new lanes, and the construction of 22 bridges, 9 traffic distributors and a toll plaza.

    • The Juan Pablo Duarte Bridge’s renovation allowed the expansion of its traffic capacity. It was closed periodically while the work was in progress. The bridge was ready and reopened in February of 2006. It was repaired with a projection of 50 years of utility and a capacity for 180,000 vehicles per day on its six lanes. The reinforced structure of the renovated bridge respects the silhouette of the previous design.

    • In December 2001, the Juan Bosch Bridge was inaugurated over the Ozama River, parallel to the Juan Pable Duarte Bridge. It was conceived for 100 years of functionality. It is 648.0 meters long and there are 180 meters between the towers in the center and over the river. It is 33.55 meters wide, which are distributed in four lanes for automobiles, two for a forthcoming metropolitan railway system and walkways on both sides. The work began during the Partido de la Liberacion Dominicana (PLD) party administration of 1996-2000, and was concluded and inaugurated during the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD) party administration of 2000-2004.


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