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    Right in the heart of the fertile land of the Cibao and surrounded by the beautiful Yaque del Norte River, is the province of Santiago de los Caballeros. Its main city, which shares the same name, is the second most important city in the country. The province occupies an area of 2,389 km2 and has a population of 710,803.

    Of fruitful soil, Santiago bases its agricultural wealth on the agro-industry and it is known internationally for its plantation, harvest and commercialization of tobacco. It also produces top quality rum and liqueur. Among other agro-industrial activities in the region, there are cacao, rice, coffee, plantain, bananas and other fruits.
    In addition, the raising of bovine and porcine cattle stands out. One of the most dynamic activities in this province’s economy is the Industrial Free Zone, providing revenue to the country and a source of employment to its residents.

    As a booming industrial zone, it includes factories of soft drinks, woven fabrics, pasta, preserves, leather, candies, cheese, pasteurized milk, and toys.
    In craftsmanship, the area has several production centers of fine crafts. In education, it is the home of reputable universities. In addition, it offers higher education through the extension schools that the main universities of the country have in the region. In the cultural area, numerous venues serve as the stage for artistic expressions, the greatest of them being the Cibao Theater, the most modern building of this sort.

    Santiago de los Caballeros, among other cities in the country, is characterized by its traditions and the pride of its people, due to the fact that it was the seat of government and capital of the country in several historical moments.

    One of the attractions the city has to offer is a horse-drawn carriage ride around the monuments to the Heroes of the Restoration, the Santiago Apóstol Cathedral and the Plaza of Culture.

    Santiago de los Caballeros

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    Consorcio Colonial D'lujo Hotel Colonial Calle Salvador Cucurullo # 113 Y 115 TEL.: 247-3122 FAX: 582-0811 HAB.: 65  
    Hodelpa Centro Plaza Hotel Calle Del Sol Esq. Mella TEL.: 581-7000 FAX: 83-7428 HAB.: 86 H.Centroplaza@codetel.net.do
    Hodelpa Gran Almirante, Hotel y Casino Ave. Salvador Estrella Sadhala #10 TEL.: 580-1992 FAX: 241-1492 HAB.: 160 Almirante@codetel.net.do
    Hotel Aloha Sol Calle El Sol # 50 TEL.: 583-0090 FAX: 583-0950 HAB.: 50 Haloha@Tricom.Net
    Hotel Ambar Ave. Estrella Sadhala #58 TEL.: 575-1957 FAX: 576-2376 HAB.: 35  
    Hotel Camp David Ranch Carretera Gurabo-Luperon Km. 7 TEL.: 736-7230 FAX: 736-7165 HAB.: 35  
    Hotel Colonial Calle Salvador Cucurullo Esq. 30 De Marzo TEL.: 247-3122 FAX: 582-0811 HAB.: 70
    Santiago De Los Caballeros
    Hotel Don Diego Ave. Estrella Sadhala TEL.: 575-4186 FAX: 575-9200 HAB.: 40  
    Hotel La Rotonda Ave. 27 De Febrero #32 TEL.: 575-1210 FAX: 575-3234 HAB.: 40 Larotonda@codetel.net.do
    Matum Hotel & Casino Ave. Las Carreras #1 TEL.: 581-3107 FAX: 581-8415 HAB.: 43 Hotel.Matum@codetel.net.do

    Monte Plata

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    Hotel Brisas Del Comate Calle Independencia #28 TEL.: 525-0005 HAB.: 23  


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    Hotel Restaurant Plaza Nouel Calle Duarte #104, Bonao TEL.: 525-3510 FAX: 525-6507 HAB.: 25 Plaza.Novel@codetel.net.do
    Nuñez Moralez & Cia., C. Por A. (Plaza Jacaranda) Autopista Duarte Km. 87 1/2 TEL.: 525-3090 FAX: 525-5031 HAB.: 22  


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    Hotel Santo Reny Calle Colón #17 Esq. 27 De Febrero TEL.: 585-2554 HAB.: 20  


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    Hotel Plaza Dorada Calle Felipe Checo #19 TEL.: 547-1400 HAB.: 22

    San Fco. De Macorís

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    Hotel Las Caobas Calle Dr. Luis Enrique Carrion Esq. Ave. San Diego TEL.: 290-5858 FAX: 290-5859 HAB.: 50  

    Concepción De La Vega

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    Hotel América Ave. Pedro A. Rivera #10 TEL.: 573-2909 HAB.: 45  


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    Hotel San Miguel Calle Duarte #82 TEL.: 225-8379 HAB.: 9  

    San Juan De La Maguana

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    Hotel Areito Calle Mella Esq. Capotillo #25 TEL.: 557-5322 FAX: 557-2772 HAB.: 34  
    Hotel La Posada Ave. Anacaona #83 TEL.: 557-2296 HAB.: 55  
    Hotel Restaurant D’angel Calle 19 De Marzo # 3 TEL.: 557-3484 FAX: 557-9263 HAB.: 33  
    Hotel Restaurant Tamarindo Calle Dr. Cabral #26 TEL.: 557-2774 HAB.: 40  


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    Hotel Caribe Sur Calle Libertad TEL.: 569-2068 HAB.: 10  

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    Directory of Tourist Accommodations of the Dominican Republic. Edited in 2002 by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.


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