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    Third Period (1900-1930):

    Important Buildings of the Third Period:

    City Hall/Consistorial Palace (Edificio del Ayuntamiento o Palacio Consistorial). XVI Century building redone by Osvaldo Báez Machado. Work on renovations began between 1911 and 1913 and continued for years afterwards. Machado essentially constructed a new building on the foundation of the XVI Century structure. Renovations emphasize elegance of forms and use arches as a unifying element. The tower added to this building during this time has since been a key point of reference for the intersection of El Conde Street, Arzobispo Meriño Street, and the park Parque Colón.

    Palacio de Gobiern/Museo de las Casas Reales (Government Palace). Restorations by the architect Osvaldo Báez Machado were initiated in 1905 and continued until 1914. A large cornice and balustrade of prefabricated elements were added to the second floor, and work was done on the garden of the interior patio. In this way, the architect imprinted a neoclassical physiognomy onto the Old Colonial building.

    New Municipal Slaughterhouse (Nuevo matadero municipal). Built by Osvaldo Báez Machado between 1905 and 1907. Refurbished ceilings, porticos sustained by slender metallic columns. Doors reinforced by large, protruding frames and crowned by curved cornices, gratings of solid brick and masonry in which were inserted iron grilles that delimited their perimeter. The building no longer exists and is only visible in photographs. Neoclassical style.

    Presidential Mansion (Mansión Presidencial). Built by the American Military Government in the land outside the walled city which had been known as "de la Generala" or "Of the Call to Arms". Today this building houses the Parliament.

    Billini Hospital. Santo Domingo's only public hospital. Reconstructed at the end of the 1920's by Osvaldo Báez Machado.

    The church Iglesia de la Altagracia. The old chapel adjacent to the ruins of the San Nicolás de Bari Hospital served as a base for the construction of a temple by architect Osvaldo Báez Machado. He added a daring vault of reinforced concrete in Neoclassical style and a tower that became a reference point for the area.

    Monumental Entrance to the Independencia Avenue Cemetery (Cementerio de la Avenida Independencia). Remains conserved today. Done by Osvaldo Báez Machado.

    Examples of Eclectic Style:

    Baquero Building. Designed and built by engineer Benigno Trueba Soares in 1928. was the tallest building in Santo Domingo for many years. Done in reinforced concrete, it has two facades of neoclassical composition united by a powerful cupboard-style tower on corner. Located on El Conde Street.

    El Diez Building. Six-story building designed by Benigno Trueba Soares, who also executed the facade. Emphasized the rhythm of decorative elements and the proliferation of balconies. Reflected neoclassical and art-nouveau influences. The balconies on each floor are differently designed. Located on El Conde Street.

    The church Iglesia Evangélica (Evangelical Church). Built in 1922 on Mercedes Street with 19 de Marzo Street. Benigno Trueba Soares was in charge of its designed. Important element in its composition was a large, tiled clock tower. Varied volumes united through the application of eclectic elements and the use of concrete.

    Cerame Building. Built in 1923 by the Spanish company Máximo Cerame C. x A. Plans for the building were drawn up in the United States. Construction in Santo Domingo was overseen by Benigno Trueba Soares. Located on El Conde Street.

    The park Parque Independencia. Designed by Antonin Nechodojma. Neoclassical bower of reinforced concrete was built and has unfortunately since been destroyed.

    The bank Banco Nova Scotia. Elegant plan of simple lines in reinforced concrete. Done by Antonin Nechodojma. Located at Las Mercedes Street at the corner of La Católica Street.

    New San Pedro de Macorís Fire Brigade Building (Edificio Nuevo del Cuerpo de Bomberos de San Pedro de Macorís). Antonin Nechodojma finished its construction in 1911. Reinforced concrete. Beautiful polygonal Victorian tower.

    The residence Palacete Vicini. Built by Antonin Nechodojma. Reinforced concrete, two stories, facade with neoclassical elements. Ornamental Art-deco details. 19 de Marzo Street.

    Independencia Avenue Residence (On the corner of Cervantes Street, current Headquarters of the PLD). Built by Antonin Nechodojma. Neo-Hispanic bungalow style. Running gallery, neoclassical colonnades. Very marked entryway visually reaffirmed by the ceiling. Central parlor that serves as a receiving room. Dining room and lateral rooms open toward the gallery.

    Residence of the President of Royal Bank of Canada (Residencia del presidente de Royal Bank of Canada). On César Nicolás Penson Street almost at the corner with Galván Street. Done by Antonina Nechodojma. Simple, modern lines and decoration. Perimeter gallery without colonnades. Elegant roofing.

    Peynado House. Situated between 19 de Marzo, Mercedes, and Luperón Streets set against the small square Plazoleta María Trinidad Sánchez. Work of the architect Andrés Gómez Pintado. Neoclassical volumetric assembly with naturist details and a pincushion surface. Cornice with pinnacles, rich decorative brackets, and rhythm in the placement of windows and doorways. Balconies adorned with iron banisters that create an attractive high relief. Two stories of stable and harmonic composition, despite being separate spaces.


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