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    Second Period (1866-1899):


    In general, the condition of the streets remained deplorable during the Second Period. They were covered with sand, uneven, full of ditches and potholes, and lacked both sidewalks and regulated drainage. They were often full of trash. Main streets at the time were:

    • Separación Street (today known as El Conde Street). During the Second Period, Separación became a center of commercial and social activity. Its sidewalks were irregular, largely composed of scattered bricks. The street contained many hitching posts for animals, which meant that it often smelled of manure, animal sweat, and aguardiente (a strong liquor). The street crossed almost the entire city East-West, which increased its importance for daily use.
    • Consistorial Street (known today as Meriño) and Del Comercio Street (known today as Isabel La Católica) had less commercial activity, but they led to the market and some of the city's most important stores.
    • Del Medio Street (known today as 19 de Marzo) continued to divide the city North-South. (Its name "Del Medio" was given because the street divided the city down the middle.)
    • Santo Tomás Street (known today as Arzobispo Nouel) experienced somewhat of a boom towards the end of the Second Period due to the development of the neighborhood Navarijo, the establishment of the New Market (Mercado Nuevo), and the proximity of Separación (Conde) Street. Santo Tomás led to the neighborhoods outside the walled city of Santo Domingo.
    • Other streets that extended beyond the city walls were Misericordia (known today as Arzobispo Portes), Padre Billini, San Pedro (known today as José Gabriel García), Santomé, Regina (known today as José Reyes) and Los Mártires (known today as Duarte).
    • The street known today as Macorís was inaugurated in 1888 and is the only street to officially open during the Second Period. Until its inauguration, it had been a small road carved out by use over time.
    • Other streets that emerged during the Period included:
    • The street La Libertad (known today as Santiago Rodríguez), which united the neighborhoods of San Lázaro and San Miguel.
    • San Miguel Street, which prolonged until Los Mártires Street.
    • La Martinico Street (now known as Francisco Cerón), which forked off of San Miguel Street.
    • The alley Callejón de la Laguna (Noria), parallel to La Martinica.
    • The alley Callejón "Sal si puedes", in the San Miguel neighborhood.
    • The alley San Miguel, in the same neighborhood.
    • Polvorín Street which connected Camino de la Muralla (Juan Isidro Pérez) with Las Mercedes.
    • Camino de San Pedro Street, which connected the slaughterhouse with the Cueva de las Golondrinas (the main city dump). This street was also called "Del Faro" or "The Lighthouse" (as the Lighthouse was nearby), or San Fernando.
    • The installation of a trolley that went from El Conde and La Católica to the Port, and from there to the bastion of La Concepción, must be emphasized.

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